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Animated gif file of Ben flexing his electronically modified pecs.

Rob Stanifer's fan letter from a Japanese baseball fan (written in horrible English... but not as bad as my Japanese).

Tet is Superman.

Check me out on the cover of Sports Illustrated. I was the mascot for the University of Arizona from 1995-1998. Arizona won the NCAA basketball tournament in 1997... I was at all 6 games as Arizona's mascot, Wilbur The Wildcat. Here is a picture of me on the cover of Sports Illustrated, April 7th, 1997. I am in the background, over Miles Simon's left shoulder. I am blurry and it is hard to tell it is me, but it is the closest I am going to get to REALLY making the cover of SI! :)

This is a bizarre, inside joke between me and my brother-in-law, John Eastberg... THAT PIG HAS TEETS!!!

These are pictures from Schully. Please enjoy. This is me at the Carp Office. And here is me with the crew of Star Trek. And don't forget me and Kowabata Coach starring in Star Wars.

Here are the labels we made for the beer in Hiroshima. This one, I made. This one, Schully made. I like Schully's better.

This is Schully after his knee operation. He is "busting a move". Here is Schully golfing after his operation.