( short bio )


Born in St. Louis, Missouri, to his parents, Ralph and Jane Bartley, Ben was the second of four children.  Ben has three sisters, Jennifer, Jodi and Jessica.  Jennifer (Bartley) Welsch is married to Gar Welsch.  Jen and Gar have two children, Madison and Jackson.  Jodi Bartley is married to John Eastberg and lives in Milwaukee.  Jessica is a Senior at Sacred Heart Academy.

Ben spent most of his formative years in Kansas City, KS.  Ben attended St. Patrick's and St. Peter's grade schools.  He then entered Bishop Ward High School.

Leaving half-way through his senior year in high school, Ben enrolled at the University of Arizona.  Ben spent 5 years at the University of Arizona, majoring in Information Systems and Entrepreneurship.  Ben played club soccer, wrote for Comedy Corner sketch comedy club and was the U of A's mascot, Wilbur the Wildcat.  Ben held several part time jobs during school including 1) being an residents assistant at Arizona-Sonora dormitory, 2) working at Allied Signal Aerospace Engineering and 3) working at the Agriculture Economics Department at the University of Arizona.

After graduation, Ben joined IBM as a Systems Development Analyst.  He worked on three projects while at IBM: 1) Cummins (power generator division), 2) Industry View (PC manufacturing software), and 3) Daimler Chrysler DView Team (warehouse management system).

Some of Ben's favorite activities include being a performer at Comedy Sportz (now National Comedy Theatre) in Austin, Texas.  Ben is working on several video projects for a new project called Comedy7.  Ben also enjoys teaching English As A Second Language classes in Hiroshima, Japan.  Ben makes his own beer for fun.  Ben also plays the piano badly.

Ben lived in Hiroshima, Japan, for just over a year.  He worked for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp Professional Baseball Team.

Ben currently lives in Spicewood, Texas. 

Ben can communicate in four languages: English, Japanese, Spanish and American Sign Language... although he is not very good at any of them.

Ben owns a 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.  It is great. 

Ben is getting married to Megan Bayles.  And it is going to party.  Look for pictures soon. 

Ben can not believe you read all of this boring information.  Thanks.